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New energy automotive industry planning will promote the development of automotive electronics industry

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According to the monitoring, in July the price of commodity prices rose, the chemical plate ring up a total of 42 kinds of commodities, or more than 5% 21 species, or the first three varieties of propane (17.97%), crude benzene (17.93%), phenol (16.63 %); The chain decreased a total of 43 kinds of goods.

The domestic chemical market in July markedly improved, the performance of organic chemicals is particularly strong. Zhang Ming, senior analyst at the business community that last month rose more than 10% of the chemical products to reach an unprecedented 11 this year, a milestone, reflecting the volatility of crude oil prices in the cost of support and mentality level surface implied a huge role, while refraction The producers, distributors, the demand side of the three basic recognition of the market has been in the stage at the bottom of the expected "gold nine silver ten" before the arrival of the chemical market is expected to lift the height of operation.

However, since this year, chlor-alkali, fertilizer and other industries are still overcapacity large-scale new investment, industry restructuring long way to go.