Energy conservation

The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee stressed the need to more consciously promote green development, recycling, low-carbon development, never to sacrifice the environment at the expense of a temporary economic growth; to establish and improve strict control of all pollutant emissions Environmental protection management system.

The government introduced a number of environmental policies, the chemical industry was "focused", the development prospects of the new challenges facing the natural ecology of the chemical industry more stringent environmental requirements, the community more concerned about the safety of chemical industry, the staff of the chemical industry requirements More high-end. Twelve five is the most critical period of development of the company, but also the transition period.

Since the establishment of the company, it will focus on environmental protection construction, has invested 7.5 million yuan construction, expansion of the transformation of the sewage treatment works, processing capacity of up to 500 square / day; investment 5 million construction MVR evaporator to achieve hexabromocyclododecane Sewage zero emissions targets; the company invested 11.3 million yuan three new sets of waste gas treatment facilities, all the unorganized emissions of gas into the absorption system unified, completely solve the odor problem. At the same time in noise control, sewage COD on-line monitoring equipment construction, upgrading, rain and sewage diversion, the company also advancing with the times, continue to invest.

Close to nature, improve the environment, the benefit of future generations! The company has always been green, energy conservation as their duty and constantly optimize the industrial structure, transformation and upgrading, is to become a strong competitive industry invisible champion and make unremitting efforts!