Innovation and development

China has embarked on a comprehensive innovation. Innovation and development will be the "thirteen five" economic structure to achieve the strategic adjustment of the key drivers, is to achieve "five in one" under the overall layout of the overall development of the fundamental support and key power.

For today's chemical enterprises in China, the product homogeneity has become an inevitable trend, how to market in the Red Sea to seek a blue ocean, which requires innovation and development.

As the development of new materials in the world continue to learn, the introduction of the IPD product development process, scientific guidance product development and industrialization, every year a number of patents come out; the introduction of lean production philosophy, and the implementation of lean production dividends The program to improve the enthusiasm of the whole improvement; implementation of the product line team shares bonus way to improve the operational staff of the enthusiasm; in the concept of industrial problems, and constantly improve the industry common problems, to seek solutions to establish a sewage treatment Plant and other projects, to achieve a good efficiency.

Stone of his mountain, you can attack jade. Xu Rui new material in the tide of the economy, assiduous and constantly learn from the wisdom, because Xu Ruiren understand: innovation is the most efficient source of enterprise development.