Xu Rui new material in strict accordance with the party's "18" proposed "five in one", pay more attention to the requirements of ecological civilization, and earnestly fulfill the chemical environmental responsibility, through restructuring, promote transformation, strong supervision, excellent facilities, , Strict examination and other initiatives, advancing with the times, continue to strengthen, optimize and refine the company's environmental management quality and efficiency, and promote environmental protection work norms, efficient, high-quality operation. Environmental impact assessment, environmental pollution control and annual environmental testing, the completion of environmental acceptance and so on, to achieve a zero environmental pollution accident goals, to ensure that the party green water and blue sky, showing the company's good social responsibility With the image.

Company weekly safety, equipment and quality inspection, the investigation and rectification issues issued rectification notice, supervised by a special department is responsible for implementation, until they do not meet the rectification of qualified up.

Companies strictly enforce the duty president of the system, from experienced executives to lead the team members, every day in the factory inspection to find highlights and shortcomings, and WeChat interactive way, urge all branches and departments to carry out the rectification and implementation, focus on intelligence, monitoring implementation.

The company has a sound environmental management system for all product line pollutants such as "environmental factors identification, evaluation and update control procedures", "wastewater discharge control procedures", "air pollution control procedures", "solid waste management control procedures" And other systems to standardize and demonstrate the system of green chemical industry, the company's belief in sustainable development and determination.

We always adhere to the concept of ecological health and environmental protection, always adhere to the healthy development of enterprises and promote the development of the concept of the surrounding, adhere to high-end development, innovation and development, innovation and development of high-tech enterprises, Enhance the enterprise energy level and product level, to achieve ecological protection, harmony with the environment and achieve sustainable development of enterprises.